Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Geez, Will Ya Look at the Time?

Close readers of this space -- both of you -- will notice that the postings have been more spaced out of late. There's a perfectly good reason for this. I just haven't the time to write.

No, really. My day job has, alas, been busy enough to keep me from my usual lunchtime musings, and my evenings have been filled as well. Once 10 o'clock rolls around, my eyelids grow weights. (All together now: WUSS!)

So, please, just bear with me. I'm on vacation next week at a place with DSL, so I should have the chance to get back into the groove. My hope is that this will kick-start a new era of Shallow Center -- one with regular postings of interesting, compelling, provocative material. Although I'll settle for regular postings of lame, pathetic unoriginal material. (Hope you will, too. . . .)


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