Sunday, September 07, 2003

Happy Birthday, Baby

Back in the day, when I was launching this little effort, I promised not to write anything resembling "a Bob Graham-like daily diary of my life's most mundane details." While I'm not going to tell you what I had for lunch today, I am going to take a break from the usual postings, in part to explain why there was no new content yesterday, even after the Phillies won their fifth straight.

The youngest member of the Shallow Center household turned 2 yesterday. Those of you without children may not think much of this fact, but parents know how amazing it is.

To look at my daughter -- 2 years old, sweet, funny, energetic, bright, beautiful, full of spirit -- is to regain my hope in the world. It is to see how she seeks and accepts love, attention, and approval, and is so quick to offer them as well; how she forgives my shortcomings as a father; how staggeringly quickly she learns. It is to know that I would give absolutely anything I possess, up to and including my own life, to make her happy and safe.

Parenthood is not for everyone, and those who don't want children should never be made to feel bad about it. But for me and the missus, our daughter is a gift. She is an unqualified and absolute joy, and where once I would have considered only the hardships and sacrifices involved in being a dad, today I recognize it for the privilege it is.

Thanks for your indulgence while I digressed from the usual nonsense. Taking the day off from posting here was more than mitigated by watching my little girl begin her third wonderful year of life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.


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