Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Dude, Where's My Seat?

Last year, jacked by the Thome/Bell/Millwood acquisitions, Shallow Center's South Jersey Correspondent and I ponied up for a pair of ducats on the Phils' 16-game season ticket plan. Despite the team's failure to make the playoffs, we still had a great time ringing out the Vet and anticipating the arrival of Citizens Bank Park.

Well, both papers report today (Inquirer; Daily News) that we'll know by next week where our new seats are. SCSJC and I dutifully filled out our questionnaire over the summer, calculated where we could afford to sit, and crossed our fingers that it'll be someplace good. Soon we'll know.

The team began running radio and TV ads yesterday for CBP season tickets. The slogan is "Real intimate, real fun, real grass," and the commercial I saw featured a host of Phillies bursting in on business meetings, walking down an office hallway, and popping up in other business situations, all to slap the same poor, clueless guy in the ass, ballplayers-style. One of the Phils is, yes, Jim Thome, who surely must have had better things to do than film a commercial, yet again put the team -- the organization, really -- ahead of himself, like the class act that he is. For the thousandth time, thank you, Cleveland, for this guy.


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