Saturday, January 10, 2004

Wilting Rose

Responding to yesterday's post about the Pete Rose fallout, Shallow Center's deputy South Jersey correspondent, known colloquially as Mom, writes:

Also in [yesterday's] Inquirer is a quote from Mike Schmidt. When asked if he is going to read Rose's book, he replied, "I don't have to read it, I lived it." Leads one to believe that old Petey did indeed bet on baseball while with the Phillies. Why would anyone believe differently?

One of his former bookies claims that, contrary to what Rose says, he placed bets from the clubhouse after talking to various managers and coaches. Would this be considered baseball's version of "insider trading"?

While recognizing the merits of Rose the ballplayer, Mom was ahead of the curve when it came to loathing Rose the man. Given all of the unsavory allegations that have been made -- as well as what Rose himself has confirmed in the last few days -- it is indeed interesting (and more than a little sad) to wonder just how large is the stain that he has left upon the game.


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