Wednesday, February 18, 2004

One More Day | The day before pitchers and catchers report, the city dailies check in with pieces (Inquirer; Daily News) on Jim Thome's enthusiasm over the Phillies' off-season moves and his excitement to get the season underway. Todd Zolecki and Marcus Hayes both note that his mother's diagnosis of lung cancer in October has caused Thome to quit chewing tobacco. Other than that, the big man apparently considers his 2003 a smashing success, with the notable exception of the Phils' failure to make the playoffs:

"Last year was a really busy year," he said. "But this winter we sat back and said, 'Wow, what a great decision. What a great move.' You look and see what the team has done this winter. It's great. When I signed they said they were going to do what they've done. Now it's up to us to get it done out there."

Thome looks at the Phillies lineup and sees no holes. He looks at the pitchers the Phillies brought in -- Billy Wagner, Eric Milton, Tim Worrell and Roberto Hernandez -- and sees a tough rotation and an even tougher bullpen.

Like the T-shirt Larry Bowa wore yesterday: "Now Is The Time."


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