Wednesday, March 17, 2004

What Would the Puck Say? | Apparently on MTV's fall schedule is a new series, Real World/Teamsters Challenge. Look, I'm not one to mourn the loss of a bunch of whiny slacker posers in Philadelphia's Old City section, but for The Real World to be chased off by a bunch of union thugs is nothing less than a civic embarrassment. Why Philadelphia tolerates this kind of behavior -- and make no mistake, the pickets of yesterday would have given way to vandalism, threats, and worse tomorrow -- is beyond me. This is such a great, great city, except that its citizens accept with a world-weary shrug the mediocrity of its leaders. The only thing missing around here is Tammany Hall. The Daily News, bless its little heart, has launched a petition drive to reverse the production company's decision, but at this point the damage is done.


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