Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Bankers' Hours | I'll be at tonight's Phils/Cards game, my first under the lights at the Park. I'm told the outfield Liberty Bell, in particular, benefits from darker skies. Now if only the Veterans Stadium demolition crew had trained their eyes on the architectural travesty that is the Packer Avenue Holiday Inn... .

Don't expect me to be among those booing Scott Rolen, by the way. As I noted last year after seeing him play at the Vet, I cannot for the life of my understand why there is such animosity toward a guy who as a Phillie never, ever took a pitch off, who matched talent with class, and who was a model citizen. Rolen did two things for which he should be applauded, not criticized: He called the Phillies on their pre-CBP thriftiness, and he intimated that he preferred not to play for loudmouth blowhards. ("Paging Mr. Bowa and Mr. Green... .") How's that for a capital offense?


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