Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Met Offensive | The Phillies pull into Shea to face the Mets for a quick two-game set; Eric Milton goes against Steve Trachsel in tonight's opener. The Inquirer fills in the off-day with a look at renowned Met slayer Pat Burrell's offensive resurgence, while the Daily News picks up on Bobby Abreu's suddenly hot bat and pitching coach Joe Kerrigan's new, and successful, laissez-faire approach.

Last night Florida used three big innings -- of four, three, and six runs, respectively -- to destroy the Diamondbacks, 13-5, and pull into a virtual first-place tie with the Phillies, though the Phils are up by a few percentage points. The Fish open a three-game series against the smoking-hot Reds at Great American Ballpark tonight.


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