Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mom's Review

Shallow Center's Deputy South Jersey Correspondent, known colloquially as Mom, e-mails her first impression of Citizens Bank Park, where she saw last night's Phillies win:

It was terrific -- the place is really great. Even better were our seats ... . Section 115, row 1 is beside the Phillies' dugout. At the end of the dugout are the photographers/cameramen, then there was us ... . The game was great since we finally beat the Fish and Dad came home with a ball. Placido Polanco made the last out in the top of the first, and as he was leaving the field Dad yelled loud enough that Polanco looked up and tossed the ball to Dad. Polanco is now his favorite player!

The only downers were the length of time it took us to get out of the parking lot at the Linc and onto the Walt Whitman, and the lines to get food at any of the decent places. We arrived at 5:20, for a 7:05 game, and could not get in McFadden's or Harry the K's, and the lines for Tony Luke's and Bull's were unbelievable.

Overall, a good time was had by both. The park really is a great place.

Mom is completely right about the lines; likewise, my brother was correct, in his response, to recommend that Mom try a Schmitter from the Cobblestone Grill tucked in just behind the leftfield foul pole. It's a hell of a sandwich, and the most I've ever waited for one was about five minutes. As for my father's little gift, I guess it makes up for the foul ball that fell straight through his hands at a game a number of years ago. The bruise on his thigh was visible for weeks. No, really. I'm glad you were able to handle this one, Dad.


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