Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Ashlee to Ashes

As much as I enjoy Ashlee Simpson's pleasant little pop tune "Pieces of Me" -- oh, c'mon, like you don't have any guilty pleasures -- I can't help but cringe at her glaringly inept attempts to control the damage of her disastrous appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

Most PR pros would advise owning up to bad news and speaking with one voice, especially when a national television broadcast reveals incontrovertible evidence of the screw-up. Yet patriarch-slash-freak Joe Simpson, removed from the journalistic security blanket that is MTV News, couldn't decide which lie to trot out and so decided to flood the market with as many as he could manufacture. First Team Simpson attempted to deny Ashlee's blatant lip-synching, blaming the band for playing the wrong song and then pointing to a computer glitch. A day later, the Simpsons relented and admitted the obvious, but still managed to trip over themselves in the process. First there was some nonsense about needing to lip-synch because of acid reflux, then a statement on Ashlee's Web site saying her overworked voice needed a break.

Understandably absent, perhaps, was the truth -- that Ashlee's voice when unassisted by a crack studio production team is too poor to be heard live in a small venue.

The news that a young pop singer lip-synchs is hardly earth-shattering. Simpson's problem is her vehement denouncing of the process in a recent magazine interview. Lying about it after being caught red-handed -- much as another Simpson, Bart, says "I didn't do it" despite being nabbed with a can of spray-paint in his mitt -- isn't helping any, either.

Or maybe the Simpsons are smarter than we all think. Perhaps Joe is angling for a reality series of his own. After all, playing dumb while counting her millions has worked for his other daughter, right?


At October 26, 2004 at 2:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...Or maybe the Simpsons are smarter than we all think." Do you mean Homer or Ashlee? ("I am so smart, I am so smartm S-M-R-T, S-M-R-T" - Homer Simpson).

At any rate, since you went out on a limb and announced to the WWW that you like the Ashlee Simpson song, I'll admit I caught an episode of her reality show on MTV (I was hoping Jessica would appear). In the episode I saw, she visited an otolaryngologist's office for acid reflux, it was causing her to lose her voice.

Tom G

At October 27, 2004 at 7:21 AM, Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

" . . . playing dumb while counting her millions has worked for his other daughter . . . "

Dude, she ain't playing. Jessica (like Ashlee) is a dolt; the products of a very shallow gene pool. "No lifeguard on duty."

BTW, at least Jessica is attractive. Ashlee is hideous. What the hell is with that hair? Is she trying to look like Wednesday Adams?

At October 27, 2004 at 6:23 PM, Blogger gr said...

biggest guilty pleasure i can confess is hootie and the blowfish. yeah, i know they suck, but sometimes sappy is how i feel.

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