Sunday, September 07, 2003

Diamonds Aren't Forever

A few readers have pointed out that the posts on Shallow Center have been very baseball-heavy lately. They're right, of course. This is the result of having a playoff race to experience and write about -- Phillies fans know what a rare occurrence this has been over the years. Throw in the unexpectedly high level of off-field drama and you can see why it might be hard to delve into other topics, given the limited amounts of time my duties as a husband, father, and employee afford me.

Please know that your comments have been noted. I do intend to turn my attention to music, movies, TV, books, and other sports as soon as possible. Also realize that once baseball season ends, there will be that much more opportunity to get away from the diamond.

Until then, do keep rooting for the Phillies, who are down a run to the Mets after the eighth at the Vet tonight. A win for the home nine would give the Phils six victories in a row and nine of 10 since the ugly sweep in Montreal. It also would allow them to stay a game up on the surging Marlins in the wild-card race.


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