Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Rise of the Second City

Young Mark Prior, his socks pulled way up high, old school-style, is blowing away Marlins as I write this, and his Cubs are just five outs away from the World Series. The Chicagoans who have jammed Wrigley Field are hanging on every pitch, groaning at each ball and screaming at each strike. It's been 10 years since we felt that kind of electricity here in Philadelphia, and, God, do I miss it.

Three-zip Cubs, and if they win, they'll get two days off to prep for the winner of the Yankee/Red Sox series. What a terrific postseason this has been, with the promise of even more over the next week-and-a-half.

UPDATE: Trouble for the Cubs. A fan prevents Moises Alou from making a leaping grab down the left-field line, and the batter walks. Then: single, error, single. Tie game, and Prior is done for the night. The Fish will not go silently.


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