Saturday, December 06, 2003

These Boats are Made for Reading

The great blessing and the great curse of the Web is the ease with which anyone can spray opinions and observations like so much virtual graffiti. A lot of it is useless junk; some if it is worth a look from time to time; and a great minority should be bookmarked and read regularly.

Decide for yourself, but in that last category I place the new blog Boats Against the Current, by Shallow Center's Washington Correspondent, also known as the older of my two younger brothers. An exquisitely written look at "books, movies, TV, comics, a little politics, maybe even some baseball," BAtC in its short tenure has already examined The New York Times Book Review, The Simple Life, the writer Ross Macdonald, the critic David Denby, and a host of other eclectic topics.

Besides being a writer of uncommon clarity and precisely worded prose, BAtC is also much more well-read than I, so you may even learn something in the process of reading him. Surf on over and check it out.


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