Monday, January 12, 2004

Bell's Back; Gaining Glanville

Squeezed in among all of the Eagles-related column inches in today's papers are a couple of Phillies stories. In the Inquirer, Todd Zolecki writes of David Bell's return for 2004. Back problems severely limited Bell's ability to contribute last season; his regular presence in the lineup would go a long way toward restoring some much-needed consistency to the Phillies' offense as well as some quiet leadership in the clubhouse. The Daily News's Paul Hagen plays catch-up to Zolecki's story last week on the imminent signing of free-agent centerfielder and former Phillie Doug Glanville. For several seasons, the Phils struggled to fit square peg Glanville into the round hole of the leadoff spot. He's a good defensive outfielder and a decent hitter with a little bit of pop, but lacks the kind of plate discipline necessary to set the table effectively. Still, Glanville's a good guy and should be a valuable reserve outfielder to have around.


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