Thursday, October 16, 2003

Why I Really Hope Boston Wins Now

Jon Weisman, who maintains the very well written Dodger Thoughts blog, tacked this on to the end of a post about the guy who prevented Moises Alou's catch down the left-field line in the eighth inning of Game 6:

My sport is baseball. For a Cubs-Red Sox World Series to slip away and be replaced by Yankees-Marlins, that's joyless.

Fear and hope, my comrades on either shoulder for another day.

Weisman's encouragement was for naught, of course, but his sentiment was correct. The prospect of a Yankees-Marlins World Series brings gloom not only to the bean counters at Fox Sports. It's just bad for baseball. Red Sox-Marlins wouldn't be much better, but at least there'd be one team for the rest of us to root for.


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