Friday, May 28, 2004

Braves and Beemers | Billy Wagner and Jeff Cooper smooched and made up, Kevin Millwood labored through four wobbly innings in the Phillies' 6-1 loss (Inquirer; Daily News) to Atlanta, Phil Nevin apparently has anger-management issues, and Larry Bowa's daughter totaled her BMW but emerged relatively unscathed from a car accident near Citizens Bank Park. Just another night at the ol' ballyard, right?

While Jaret Wright handcuffed the Phillies into the eighth, Millwood again had location troubles. After a nice start, the Phils' No. 1 starter has walked 13 and given up 15 earned runs in his last 15 innings -- hardly the kind of performance we were promised by Scott Boras last winter. If the remainder of Millwood's year resembles what we saw last year -- really good starts mixed in with a fair number of "How the hell did this guy ever win 18 games?" starts -- then that one-year contract will turn out to be a brilliant move by Ed Wade.

Meanwhile, the DN's Rich Hofmann takes Bowa's reaction to his daughter's accident and pads it with a lot of Afternoon Special-type sermonizing to tell us mere fans -- you know, not sportswriters, who can look beyond the stats and the games -- that the players and managers and coaches whom we cheer and boo from a comfortable distance have, like, feelings. Wow -- they're ... Just Like Us. Thanks for the lesson, Rich.


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