Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lawrence R. Bowa, Will You Please Go Now?

Well, so much for not burning any bridges. Larry Bowa never was any good at keeping his pie hole shut, and for the last few days he's been blubbering to any fool with a camera about his supposed mistreatment at the hands of his former employer, the Phillies. And then he does an about-face and admits that, yeah, he'd probably fire himself, too, if he were in Ed Wade's shoes. One wonders whether he employed this kind of consistent communication in his own clubhouse.

The WIP-type phans are completely correct that Wade needs to go -- but they are dead wrong when they think that Bowa will ever find success as a major league manager. Does it really matter whether he was a "fiery sparkplug on the franchise's only World Series winner" (as the wire reports of his firing surely noted)? Does that have anything at all to do with his ability to manage a team?

The Padres and the Phillies have discovered the answer to those questions the hard way.


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