Friday, June 25, 2004

Is Now the Time?

I want to believe. Really, I do.

But these Phillies, like last year's, have a hell of a way of testing a fan's faith.

It's hard to believe in a team that opens a critical stretch of games by listlessly dropping two of three -- including yesterday's 3-2 snoozer -- to the bottom-dwelling Expos.

It's hard to believe in a team that can manage only 17 hits and nine runs over those three games.

It's hard to believe in a team that contentedly starts Jason Michaels and Doug Glanville in the outfield on the same day a potential wild-card rival, Houston, pulls the trigger on a major deal that lands studly centerfielder Carlos Beltran. (As Brian at the Citizens Report concludes: "Steve Finley, anyone?")

Sure, it's just June. But the stakes are high. And a month ago, we were saying, "It's just May." The month before that: "It's just April." And each month, no significant movement in the standings, and, excepting the fine West Coast trip of May, no significant upgrade in level of play.

I want to believe.

I'm just not sure I can.


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