Thursday, June 24, 2004

Off the Record, On the Q.T., and Very Hush-Hush

A month or so ago, some dude was able to slip inside the Real World house at 3rd and Arch and take some photos before the cops pinched him. But according to the Daily News's Dan Gross, a TRW producer offered such sketchy testimony that the charges were dropped recently for lack of evidence. Gross adds that the "apparent lack of interest in prosecution falls in line with the show's desire not to make waves while in town. If the 'Real World' had its druthers, the show would be in and out of town before anybody noticed, as producers say has been the case when taping elsewhere. A high-profile labor dispute in March helped put the kibosh on those privacy plans." Ah, Philadelphia: The City That Can't Get Out of Its Own Way.


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