Sunday, September 05, 2004

One Last Gasp at Respectability

The last time the Law of Inverse Viewing was in effect was late June 2003. According to the Law, the less I watch them, the more the Phillies win. Well, alert the media, for I saw about two pitches of the weekend series against New York, and whaddya know, the Phils swept. Gavin Floyd, Corey Lidle, and Brett Myers all turned in strong starts, and if you're going to wake up for three games and slap a meaningless sweep on someone, you can't find a more appropriate foe than the Mets.

Indeed, I'm kind of embarrassed to mention the phrase too little, too late -- I try to save my glaringly obvious pronouncements for really special occasions. So I'll just say that the Phillies' painful early-September stab at mediocrity is ... nice. You know -- pleasant. Nothing to get overly excited over, but not something you'd toss in the recycling bin, either.

I just hope Larry Bowa is savoring this last month of games. It'll be a good long while before he's managing games involving teams not sponsored by auto-parts stores and delis.


At September 8, 2004 at 12:31 AM, Blogger gr said...

i was at the game in atlanta on monday. what a lifeless bunch the phils are. note to jason michaels: DON'T F***ING WATCH THE THROW WHEN YOU'RE RUNNING HOME, JUST HEAD FOR THE PLATE!

Also, there is now no doubt in my mind. pat burrell is an all-out bust. he is pedro cerrano without jobu.

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